World AIDS Day

Tuesday 01 December 2015
Credit: Amy Sow
Credit: Amy Sow

For World AIDS Day, the Mauritanian artist Ami Sow – who participated to the exhibition “Lumières d’Afriques” – shared with us this very strong illustration, reminding us that indeed HIV / AIDS, “does not only happen to others”.

Even though since 2000 progress has been made, there are still over 35 million people living with HIV, including 26 million in sub-Saharan Africa, the worst affected region in the world (source: WHO) The mobilization must continue to raise awareness, prevent, and promote access to health care in Africa but also in the rest of the world.

AAD has been committed for many years with SOS-SIDA organization based in Bukavu in the RDC, whose main mission is to inform and educate residents of the region about the risks of HIV / AIDS and support HIV-positive people with treatments.

The help given to the sick is done mainly at Integrated Support Center for HIV Positive People (CIAPS) in Bukavu. This center welcomes very precarious and fragile patients, including women victims of sexual violence and children, when starting their HAART, taking complete charge of them by providing medical assistance, food and psychological help. UNICEF recently donated 150 school kits for children of CIAPS, thus reducing the costs related to schooling.

Discover more details SOS-AIDS projects or make a donation at: