The Cape Town Chronicles #4

Saturday 14 November 2020

Hurry and discover the latest Chronicles of Cape Town, you won’t believe your eyes!

In only three months, AAD-Fund and Renshia Manuel, through the development of the Resistances 2020 programme in South Africa, have succeeded in creating a fabulous market gardening area and an incredible “GrowBox Urban Farmers’ Market”. With the invaluable help of the entire Hanover Park community, we cleared a vacant lot, developed greenhouse seedlings, planted seedlings, helped vegetables grow in the ground… and then the long-awaited moment arrived: the harvest!

Check out the before/after pictures in “The Chronicles of Cape Town #4” and don’t forget to drop by every Saturday in Hanover Park to say hello to us at the GrowBox Urban Farmers’ Market!

More information:
Every Saturday, 9am-3pm
Mountview Highschool
Hanover Park, Cape Town
076 147 5274