SOS SIDA Bukavu at Solidays festival

Thursday 26 June 2014
Dr Nicole Mbayo (painting
Dr Nicole Mbayo (painting "Mandela", Chéri Chérin, 2010) © AAD

AAD was delighted to meet in Paris Dr Nicole Mbayo, GP and Medical Adviser to SOS Sida Bukavu (DRC), during French festival Solidays from June 27 to 29.

Invited to the show ‘Priority Health’ on RFI, Dr Nicole Mbayo, who has been working in the fight against HIV for the past 8 years, will answer live to Claire Hédon and the auditors’ questions.


SOS Sida will also be present at Solidays, in the ‘Solidarity Village’, were more than 80 associations and activists from all around the world will demonstrate the importance of support (administrative, social, legal, psychological…) towards the sick and the importance of HIV/ AIDS prevention and screening tests campaigns.


Dr Nicole Mbayo will also intervene at 20:30 in the Solidarity Village to remind us the importance of HIV/AIDS diagnostic testing for infants. Indeed, in the DRC, HIV/AIDS can be diagnosed only from 18 months due to the lack of adequate testing, while in the West screening is performed on infants as young as 6 weeks. In DRC, the inability to diagnose HIV/AIDS infection earlier severely reduces the chances of survival of infants.


Finally, SOS Sida Bukavu will participate to the tribute to Mandela at the Festival, Saturday 28, June, and pay respect to its commitment for the fight against HIV/AIDS.