The African Space Art Project

In partnership with the Arianespace, EUMETSAT and the World Meteorological Organization, African Artists for Development will send in 2021 the first African artwork in space, a powerful symbol of the continent’s artistic power.
This piece of art will embody the image of a modern, ambitious, optimistic Africa that takes us beyond the stars.
It will exist in double shapes:
1) A spatial form, it will be applied on the Ariane 5 nose-cone.
2) A terrestrial form, it will be presented through the continent on the launcher’s headdress model.
To celebrate the mobilization of the entire African artistic community surrounding ASAP, the artwork sent in the space will include in its frame all the names of the artists who have participated in ASAP funding by donating one of their works.


As it is an exceptional commission, the work will be realized by a world-renowned African artist. A selection committee composed by the project partners (AAD, Arianespace, EUMETSAT, World Meteorological Organization), leading members of the world of art, development and the space industry, will be set up in order to fairly choose the artist.


This major project is historic and was officially launched at the annual Forum of Abidjan organized by EUMETSAT on September 24, 2018.
The first 100% African act in space
Since 1999, the African continent has embarked upon the space conquest. If the first launch of a communications satellite was done by South Africa in 2018 with the support of NASA, it has now been joined by 7 other countries with a satellite device in orbit.

In 2017 the African space agenda has accelerated with four launches initiated by African countries.

Next step: the launch in 2021 of the first meteorological satellite reserved for the continent:  a fundamental issue to better control weather forecasts.