Refugees on the Move : DRC

Democratic Republic of Congo



“Refugees on the Move” is based on the incredible idea of using dance as a tool for social and cultural mediation, within dozens of refugee camps in Sub-Saharan Africa.
The program “Refugees on the Move,” initiated in partnership with the UNHCR, has three precise goals: reducing violence within refugee camps, contributing to the rebuilding of self-confidence among refugees, and increasing the dialogue between refugee populations and their neighbors through dance and physical expression.


In this context, “Refugees on the Move” is planning on the intervention of a team of artists made up of a dozen dancers and musicians, led by a choreographer from the country, over the course of several sessions for about a year.


In the DRC, it is Fabrice don de Dieu Bwabulamutima and his drama and dance company Kongo Drama Company who lead the workshops in refugee camps. Fabrice don de Dieu Bwabulamutima was trained by choreographer Salian Sanou in Burkina Faso in june 2015.De program started in DRC in 2015 with two different workshops in the Mole camp, located 35 kilometers away from Bangui, the capital of Central Africa. The program carry on but is now located in the Inke Camp, since October 2017, for the 3rd and 4th stage of the program.




The DRC is one of the most important host countries. In 2015, there were 3,8 million peoples of concern to UNHCR, notably internal refugees an people fleeing conflicts in Central African Republic and Rwanda.


The primary objective of the program is to bring a sense of wellbeing to refugees and to aid in the reduction of intra and inter community violence.


Beyond the physical aspect, these workshops also serve as an occasion to spread awareness messages previsoulsy decided with the UNHCR.



Formed in Burkina Faso by choreographer Salia Sanou, Fabrice Don de Dieu Bwabulamutima and his team currently animate the dance workshops in Inke camp. The workshops are divided into 4 groups : one group for children, a group for young adults , a group for young mothers and one music workshop. The last workshop started in March 2018 and introduce a new workshop with percussions.


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