Democratic Republic of Congo
The band "Black Power" promotes the comic book "Les Diamants de Kamituga" © AAD
The band "Black Power" promotes the comic book "Les Diamants de Kamituga" © AAD

Program                                                                                   2012-2013


African Artists for Development has been a partner of the association SOS-Sida, based in Bukavu, for more than 6 years, with the aim of eradicating the epidemic in the province of South Kivu, located in the east of the country. This partnership led to the creation of the program “Les Bulles de Bukavu” in 2009 for which AAD called upon the Congolese comic book artist Séraphin Kajibwami to produce a comic book, integrating HIV/AIDS prevention messages to a thrilling story.
100 000 copies of this work entitled “Les Diamants de Kamituga” were distributed in South Kivu, which raised the amount of people tested by SOS-Sida by 40% in one year.

In keeping with this fruitful partnership, and in line with the 6th Millennium Development Goal (“combat HIV/AIDS”), AAD launched in September of 2012 the project “Rap Against AIDS” with the rap group Black Power, in order to increase the awareness on the ground led by SOS-Sida, which broadens the scope of this work to music, for the first time.

Whilst the recent medical discoveries allow for better care of HIV-positive people, the access to antiretroviral drugs remains limited and the amount of people that get tested in Sub-Saharan Africa is still marginal. After a few decades of conflicts and a relatively unstable situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the work on information and prevention of HIV/AIDS remains an important element of the reconstruction of the country.



Rap is a means for AAD and SOS-Sida to reach a young audience and to transmit to new generations the keys to good health, while promoting the talent of an emerging group from Bukavu, Black Power.




The group, Black Power, recorded an album on the theme of HIV/AIDS and its prevention. The music group performed numerous concerts, which were on opportunity to promote the comic book “Les Diamants de Kamituga”. Each concert was a great success.

The program “Operation Prevention” is an integral part of the commitment “Art Against AIDS: Enabling Local Solutions in the DRC”, made publicly by AAD the 23rd of September 2012, during the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). Through this commitment dedicated to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, AAD wishes to multiply the impact of its national campaign to encourage people to get tested by means of artistic mediums, by linking up with other members of the Clinton Global Initiative committed in this country and by sharing its outreach tools.

* ‘Integrated Support Center for HIV-positive Persons’

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