Lumières d’Afriques – African Union


Lumières d’Afriques to the African Union, to Addis Abeba, in Ethiopia

The “Lumières d’Afriques” exhibition has been presented in 2015 in Paris at the “Théâtre National de Chaillot”, in Abidjan in Côte d’Ivoire in 2016, then in early 2017 in Dakar in Senegal and finally in the African Union’s headquarters until February 2018 in Ethiopia.
Jointly organized by African Artists for Development and the African Union, bringing together the artworks of these african artists at the very heart of this organisation is a strong symbol highlighting the AAD’s willingness to act with local actors as well as Its commitment in the continent’s development. The cultural and artistic Ethiopian wealth, as much ancestral as contemporary, makes this country an obvious stage for the exhibition.
The Schneider Electric Foundation and the communication consulting firm TILDER share this conviction that Africa is the today’s and tomorrow’s continent. The reception of children and pupils and their participation to a pedagogical project strengthen the conviction that the continent dynamism reflects the great vitality of its youth.

Artistic Direction : Jean-Michel Champault

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