On dit quoi ? On dit ça va aller ! A’salfo

Monday 28 November 2016
President of the magic system foundation, A’Salfo
President of the magic system foundation, A’Salfo

President of the magic system foundation, A’Salfo, singer from the band “Magic System”, answered our questions regarding is commitment.

Hello ! Can you present yourself?
I am Salif Traoré and my artist name is A’salfo. I am the lead singer of the Ivoirian band “Magic System”. I am today speaking in my capacity as president of the “Magic System” foundation. This foundation was recognizing public-interest organization by the Ivoirian government in December 2015.

I would like to take this opportunity to launch a call to all the organizations that would be willing to build projects regarding health, education or environment.
Can you tell us more about the Foundation?
We created this foundation dedicated to education, health and environment. We believe it is our duty, as citizen, to make efforts for a sustainable African continent. Each time the opportunity arises, we try to explain our vision, provide our ideas and contribute to the Africans well-being.
When and how did you decide to create the foundation?

The “Magic system” foundation was created very naturally; it was the obvious direction for the band. The story of Magic System is deeply linked to our commitment: from the Abidjan ghetto, we were able to fight, through art, and become what we are today.
At some point, we took the time to look back and realize that it was the right moment for us to give back what we have received. We can’t pretend to be artists without having this value of sharing.

The foundation creation was made in a selfless way. From 2006 until today, we took actions without looking for recognition. Frankly, we only started the administrative constitution in 2014 in order to be up to date. We didn’t work for the foundation for any type of recognition, it was normal and instinctive.
What type of actions do you work on?
Since 2006, we realized several projects such as building elementary schools. We already built two schools in Abidjan, this year we are going to open another one in Bangolo. Last year, two more schools will be open, one in Gagnoa and the other in Seguela.
This year, we also signed a partnership with the foundation African Artists for Development in order to build five libraries next to the elementary schools we already built.
Regarding health care, we rehabilitated hospitals, nurseries and orphanage. We always aim at helping the Ivoirian people.
What is your opinion regarding the evolution of African development?

Africa today has a news vision. We are in front of a new generation willing to take responsibility for its destiny. This change is only possible of partnerships and bilateral collaboration between africa and the rest of the world. That is why the AAD partnership is very important and emblematic.
Africa is full of competences but it needs, as Europe, exchanges and skill transfers in order to develop itself. I do believe that this exchange, led in a balanced way, can be profitable for both continents, none of them can progress without the other. We need to share, to feed on cultural differences in order to realize our vision and develop together.
Can you tell us more about your opinion regarding education and the access to books in Africa?
I am afro-optimist but I also want to be objectify on my judgment. Education declined since several years. Our children can’t read or write. Some essential values just went away. The arrival of new technologies brought a lack of attractiveness and focus for reading and writing. Building libraries is great, bringing people to read is great. Having access to technologies, shouldn’t be opposed but linked, through a teaching approach.