Inauguration of the first Magic Bibliothèque

Wednesday 08 November 2017

The Magic Bibliothèque of Anoumabo in Abidjan

AAD, in partnership with the Magic System Foundation, inaugurated Wednesday, October 11, 2017 the first Magic Bibliothèque in Anoumabo school in Abidjan. The Schneider Electric Foundation also participated by electrifying the library and the school thanks to a system of solar panels.
In a country where access to books, and more generally to education, is a priority, AAD reaffirms its commitment and belief that the construction of cultural places is a driving force for the country’s development.
It is therefore in a favorable space for reading, whith unique and colorful furnitures which was provided by Jean Servais, an Ivorian designer, that the children of Anoumabo school can now enjoy more than 2000 books that have been selected for the quality of their content.
It is with this desire to continue to expand access to education that AAD planned to build five libraries in Côte d’Ivoire by 2022.