Ciza Muhirwa


Dancer and choreographer born in Burundi, Ciza Muhirwa began his career in Belgium where during the 1990s he was recognized for his inventive creations, combining modern and traditional influences.

In 1996, he joined the Inganzo troupe of dancers and actors alongside the Rwandan musician Muyango. That same year, the troupe began its musical youth tour in Belgium.

Two years later, Ciza Muhirwa performed for the first time in the Pan African Dance Festival in Rwanda, again with Inganzo. They would return in 2002 and later Ciza became the artistic director for the 2006 program. Still from 2002 on, Ciza participated in dance festivals in Paris and Brussels.

In 2005, he became the dance performance coordinator for the launching of the Africa Remix exhibition at the Pompidou Center in Paris.

The mid-2000s marked the point for Ciza to focus on returning to his home country, Burundi. He notably participated in the Caravane Bararundi tour in 2007, which attracted more than 400,000 spectators from across the country. The year after, he also chaired the jury of the national singing talent show.

In 2009, Ciza took part in the in the Quebecois feature film Journal d’un coppérant as an actor and producer. The film was released the year after in France, the same year in which he took part in the 2010 Tamba national competition for modern dance in Burundi, which brought together more than 800 artists and was broadcast on national television. That same year, he also coordinated the reintegration program using theater, music, and theatrical and reconciliatory dance.

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