After the show that took place on the 29th of June, AAD continues to make the Mole camp dance

Friday 05 August 2016
Refugees on the Move at the Mole camp
Refugees on the Move at the Mole camp

In parallel with the tour Du Désir d’Horizons, a performance produced by Salia Sanou, following his experiences in refugee camps in Burkina Faso; Fabrice Bwabulamutima and his dance team will propose dance and music workshops in the Mole camp, situated in the north of the DRC.
The objectives of this second edition are not only to provide well-being, enhance one’sself-esteem and reduce violence, but also to train instructors in order to make the workshops sustainable.
As a matter of fact, Fabrice’s team aspires to be on the ground not only for educational purposes but also for training purposes. They wish to spot potentially motivated dancers that could make these workshops persist. Cross-community self-governance will allow the project to get full approval as well as ensure its sustainability through time.
Finally, the Refugees on the Move tradition dictates that the Kongo Drama Company team will have the responsibility of training the next choreographer capable of duplicating the program in another country and another camp…
An ambitious session, which promises to be rich in exchanges, energy, and optimism… Let’s get dancing!