Wednesday 24 December 2014

With the exhibition “Makwacha” at La Maison des Métallos last April, AAD presented for the first time to the French public the unique mural art of Lambas women from Democratic Republic of the Congo.


The Refugees on the Move program was launched in refugee camps of Burundi and Burkina Faso. Despite the political tensions that have disturbed Burkina Faso, thousands of refugees have beneficiated from the program in both countries.


150,000 copies of the second volume of the comic book “The Diamonds of Kamituga” have been distributed in RDC’s largest cities. Original and effective awareness tool, the comic book led to an increase of HIV screening tests of 40%.


AAD continues its successful Township Orchestra program in South Africa, using music as a vehicle for reintegration and academic success.

The first “Belle Bibliothèque du Bénin”, based in Cotonou, hosts over 200 students daily.


In 2014, it is more than one million children, women and men who benefited form African Artists for Development projects.