At AAD, we are all Charlie

Thursday 08 January 2015
PIcture from malian refugee camp Sagniogniogo in Burkina Faso, Text Salia Sanou
PIcture from malian refugee camp Sagniogniogo in Burkina Faso, Text Salia Sanou

Partners, artist and AAD team members are all mobilized for freedom of expression.

AAD has received numerous messages from partners, African artist and journalists to support the victims of this terrible attack.


Séraphin Kajibwami, cartoonist:


“ Pole sana.

We send you our condolences and deepest sympathy for the tragedy that strikes France as well as the art world and especially committed artists.

They are killing artists but they will never kill art.”


Gratien Chibungiri SOS SIDA:


“It is late in the evening yesterday that I found out about the odious attack that struck Charlie Hebdo. I can imagine the shock for everyone living or staying in Paris and for all the French people.


I know that the French nation, a nation of freedom and tolerance, has resources to deal with this tragedy and preserve its unity. This is the wish of all those who love this country and of all the daughters and sons who support France around the world and in Bukavu.


With Solidarity.”


Hallain Paluku: Drawing above


Salia Sanou, choreographer (image above):


Force of consciousness, to be free,

Freedom of thought,

Freedom of the press,

Freedom of expression,

Freedom to laugh,

Freedom to create.

Always Free to be.


No dull, deafening noise, no impact of machine gun bullets, no rape, no bomb, can distract us from our right path, path of intrinsic values, path of defence of our freedoms.

From Kisangani to Asmara, from Ouagadougou to Paris, to New York, Timbuktu, Yangon and Kobane.


Faced with inhumanity we must remain standing, standing head high, standing the look away, standing deep breathing, standing with a serene mind, standing drawing life, standing dancing life, standing singing life, standing playing life, standing conscience, individually and collectively.



We thank them for these messages and would like to remind that this mobilization for freedom is a daily commitment for many of our partners and Africans.



On Wednesday January 7th, a terrorist attack targeted the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris. Twelve people, amongst whom journalists standing for French freedom of speech and police officers, have been cowardly assassinated in this assault on democracy.


Democracy cannot exist without this freedom and without the freedom to inform, to debate and to exchange ideas freely.


Journalists hold this crucial role for all democracies.


The police forces also devote their lives to the defence of these fundamental democratic rights.


This freedom of thought and of debate holds its value only as far as every individual can enjoy it, all the time, without fear or constraint.


The Tilder teams wish to express their deepest sympathy to the victims of this barbaric act, to their families and to their friends.


On this national day of mourning, we have one particular thought for all our journalist friends who work every day to keep public debate the ongoing centre of our democracy.