Friday 21 September 2012
Bill Clinton © CGI
Bill Clinton © CGI

The annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) kicks off this Sunday September 23rd in New York. This year, Gervanne Leridon will represent AAD at the event as Co-President and will speak at several sessions of the conference, the 2012 theme of which is “Designing for Impact”.


Founded in 2005 by former US President Bill Clinton, the CGI is a network of public and private organizations that seeks to combat the harmful effects of underdevelopment by gathering its many members under one banner, each of whom launch innovative projects or ‘Commitments to Action’, as part of their membership.


In September 2011, during last year’s CGI annual meeting,  African Artists for Development was honored during a special session dedicated to the use of art as a method of conflict resolution. The UNESCO Director General congratulated Matthias Leridon for AAD’s commitments, recognizing the importance of a project such as ‘Les Bulles de Bukavu’ for human development in the South-Kivu region of the DRC.


For AAD, the CGI represents a unique opportunity to share our original approach with the global leaders of companies and other international organizations, to contribute to debates on current international development issues, and to pool knowledge and experience, making our action on the ground more efficient. It is therefore with great enthusiasm that the entire AAD team has been mobilized for several months in order to fully take advantage of this event, exploring new potential programs and fruitful partnerships.


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